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Contractual Stipulations


How much will it cost me to get the puppy I want from you?

A specific figure.

Something that would confuse even an IRS tax accountant.


If I have a major life change of some sort, or the puppy doesnít work out for me down the road, what is your return policy?

Reputable breeders usually have a buy-back policy for puppies under a certain age, and a re-home policy for mature dogs.

I will refund the puppy fee for any returned puppy under the age of 6 months of age.† I reserve the right to screen and approve or reject anyone to whom you, the buyer, wishes to transfer ownership to.

Either no policy or a refusal to take back any dog that might be difficult to place.† Anything other than a lifetime commitment to ensuring that the dog has a safe home.


Do you require buyers of pet puppies to complete health certifications such as OFA hip and elbow ratings?

In order to adequately track what their breeding stock produces, some breeders require health screenings on all puppies they sell once the puppies mature.† Some have a rebate program; others merely stipulate it as a requirement in the contract.† There is no right or wrong answer here, but you as the puppy buyer do need to know if youíll be obligated in this fashion.


Do you require co-ownership to the type of puppy I want?

Some breeders only place dogs that have good potential as breeding stock on a co-ownership basis.† This ensures that the breeder will keep some rights to the dog for his or her lifetime.† Other breeders have had very bad experiences placing puppies, and will only place pets on a co-ownership basis simply because it gives them a bit of insurance in case the pet home behaves irresponsibly with the puppy.

There is no preferred or less preferred answer, itís up to the puppy buyer to determine what works for his or her situation.


Does your puppy contract include any stipulations pertaining to the lifelong care and training of the dog?

Breeders may have extensive knowledge of the dogs that they use for breeding.† As such, they may require specific ways to train a dog, such as pure positive training or clicker only training.† Or they may require that the dog be fed a raw diet exclusively.

There is no preferred or less preferred answer, itís up to the puppy buyer to determine what works for his or her situation.


For pet quality puppies, do you opt for limited AKC registration upon purchase, or do you withhold registration withheld pending spaying or neutering?

The BSCA code of ethics charges breeders with the responsibility for ensuring that the puppies theyíve produced are not used for irresponsible breeding.† If a puppy does not conform to the breed standard sufficiently, it is the breederís responsibility to ensure that the puppy is excluded from breeding.† Breeders may mark the AKC registration as limited.† As such, nothing that puppy produced is eligible for registration.† Alternatively, breeders may withhold registration paperwork until veterinary paperwork is presented to the breeder with proof of spaying or neutering.

Either option is acceptable.

Unlimited registration for all puppies regardless of quality and the experience level of the puppy buyer.


Do you specify an age range for spaying and neutering?

Some breeders require dogs be spayed/neutered prior to their first birthday, this may delay the closure of growth plates and will impact the animalís appearance at maturity.† Others stipulate that the animal must be neutered after its 18 months old to allow for fuller physical maturity.† These factors are very significant to people who engage in physically demanding performance such as agility, but are less significant for a purely companion dog.

There is no preferred or less preferred answer, itís up to the puppy buyer to determine what works for his or her situation.


How are the following resolved:† conformation faults in show dogs; such as a bite going off?† Major health faults for potential breeding dogs or pet dogs?† Major temperament problems such as aggression?† Minor problems, such a gorgeous show dog the no one can go over since she shies in the ring?

Dogs are sold as companion, performance dogs, and as potential show/breeding stock.† If the dog in some way is not able to fulfill the purpose for which he was purchased, the contract should define resolution of these problems.† Typically resolution involves taking the dog back and returning the puppy fee, or offering a replacement puppy from a future breeding.

There is a lot of flexibility in acceptable responses, but it all boils down to making good on a dog who does not live up to the purpose stated in his or her purchase contract.

All sales are final.



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