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Breeder Support Questions


What are your expectations from me regarding our future communication?

Some breeders desire a significant amount of contact over the life of the puppies they’ve produced, and would love nothing more than to hear from their puppy buyers every week.  Others only wish for a periodic update, monthly or so.  Others are perfectly happy with nothing more than the annual Christmas card and noteworthy accomplishments.

Anything more than “no contact.”

No contact.


May I contact you over the life of the dog for any health and training issues that arise?

If your puppy grows up and turns out to be a wild child, the person most likely to understand you and your dog is the breeder.  A good relationship can help you sort out an awful lot of bumpy road.

Absolutely.  I’d really prefer to hear about any problems directly from you and will do my best to help you resolve them.

No, or references to online resources.


Do you have an on-line kennel group?

Many breeders have groups at hosting sites such as Yahoo and Facebook.  People who own dogs from the kennel, or closely related to that kennel may participate.  The advantage to having this as a resource is that the group has dogs that are from the same genetic background.  So they might have additional insight into any training issues or behavior quirks.

Yes, and my puppy people are very active in the group.

If  people who’ve bought puppies from the breeder are disgruntled or otherwise wish to distance themselves from the breeder; and there’s be a lack of participation in any on-line group; that’s a red flag.  Or if the breeder claims that he or she is too busy.  Group administrator duties are minimal, far less work than responsibly rearing a litter of puppies.


Can you provide references from a veterinarian and other people who have purchased puppies from you?

References should be relatively easy to assemble.  If it’s a breeder’s first litter, then the mentor can provide references.  Often, people will return to the same breeder several times for their dogs if they’re happy with what the breeder produces and provides for support.  Once you have the references, be sure to follow up, particularly by calling the veterinarian.

Yes, I’ll forward that information to you.

No, or some evasive answer.



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